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Testimonials from Business Partners

Shawn is one of those rare people you run across in your career that have a passion for making everything around them better. Shawn has a unique combination of sensing what the people he is serving are looking for. Whether than has been fairgoers, conference attendees, or any other group of people, Shawn knows how to read the crowd to bring them exactly what they are looking for. He does this by taking the time to fully understand his audiences and constituents in a way that goes beyond looking at the data. In addition, Shawn has a true understanding of evolving technologies and ways that these technologies are changing the way people interact with events, meetings, and other groups of people. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Shawn and I know that whatever industry he is in he will quickly learn it and master it. We worked together on creating an app for the 2016 Illinois State Fair, a process that did not even start until just a couple of months before the fair. Despite some concerns on the timeline by some on the team and concerns about keeping the cost low, Shawn was able to rally his troops and produce an app with us that helped modernize the State Fair and bring in a new group of users.

Jeff Abele
Owner Grandstand Apps Move Creative

Shawn, It was great catching up with you last week. I always enjoy our conversations. Your passion and zest for life always leave my cup half are a bright spot in my day. I'm excited about the opportunities that may be on the horizon for you [...].

Your passion, drive, and dedication are noteworthy. Your charisma-- second to none. [...] Springfield would be lucky to reap the rewards of your hard work and ethics. Now and always, I'm rooting for you. -

Michelle Tjelmland
Owner eWebsmart & District23

To whom it may concern, Over the past three months I have had the pleasure to work with Shawn Mayernick on a sponsorship opportunity with the Illinois State Fair. From our first conversation over the phone, I could hear the passion that he had for making the Illinois State Fair the best it could be. It was this passion paired with a vision for the fair that led me to convince my colleagues that the Illinois State Fair was at a turning point and that initiating a relationship now would be beneficial for our business. During our visits I was impressed by the research he had conducted to better understand our business as he referenced a number of our key marketing campaigns and had taken the initiative to developed ideas on how to amplify these messages through a partnership with the fair.

His creativity was put on display when he shared a customized portfolio of sponsorship concepts that he prepared showcasing our brand at the fair. From a practical standpoint he also came prepared with a detailed proposal per my request, that allowed me to gather specific feedback from my marketing team and construct a proposal that met our sponsorship needs.
Passion, vision, and follow through is what I experienced working with Shawn and I trust the opportunity to work with him again is not far away.

Jeppe Nelson
Marketing Manager DuPont Pioneer

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