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What is Bee Known? Bee Found? Bee Chosen?

It sums up & sorts our award-winning services into 3 segments:
Bee Known: Create/Rejuvenate Your Brand - Online Reviews - PR/Media Strategy
Bee Found: Make You a Qualified Option When Customers Need You - Google Search Optimization
              - Social, Mobile, Local - Responsive Fast Website Design - Custom Mobile App Development

Bee Chosen:  Our #1 Goal!  Help You Bee Chosen by Buyers

We use a very simple but specific 2-step process to help you:

Step 1) Consult with you to uncover at least 2 SPECIFIC business needs.

Step 2) Prepare for you the 3 most-effective multi-media marketing strategies to meet those 2 SPECIFIC needs.


We agree on what sales actions are most meaningful to your business & use those to measure impact.  We share the good and bad data with you at least every 2 weeks.  Using the 3rd-party data & metrics, we find opportunities for improvement & adapt accordingly.  Our clients have found this "crazy" customer-first attitude and proactive actions to be a positive experience. This simple but rewarding process has delivered exponential growth on many levels for both our wonderful clients & our business! 


Instant Chat (green Let's Chat box) by the end of the day if you want to Bee Chosen.

You will receive a free website eReport just for taking the time to contact us. Thx!



(217) 801-5060

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